Our Story

Caroline Calvert is a jewelry designer who lives in the Dunbar area of Vancouver,  with her husband and two kids. From a young age, she was destined to become a designer. She started sewing and making her own clothing at the age of 10. The love of the outdoors has also always been in her heart, having grown up in a small Northern Town in BC.  Many of the specimens she collects are from the wooded area she lives in.

In the spring of 1999, Calvert graduated from Blanche McDonald Fashion Design School then went on to Kwantlen University to study applied design. Caroline worked in the fashion industry for many years before finding her true calling making jewellery. After taking private lessons in silversmithing she was on her way to a dream career.

Caroline creates her designs from her home studio in Vancouver.  Caroline is constantly adding new designs to the collection and each piece is sculpted and finished by hand.  Working mostly with precious metals sterling silver and fine silver (as well as the occasional gemstone “for an unexpected splash of color”), Caroline Calvert’s pieces originate from nature and are organic in shape.

Inspired by her love of the outdoors and the carefree spirit of the west coast lifestyle her designs echo her surroundings. Collecting specimens on all her hikes and walks around Vancouver and Whistler her designs reflect delicate twigs, leaves, and the little creatures of the beaches and forest.



A large part of loving the great outdoors is also wanting to preserve it.  Our jewelry is made from recycled silver.  Our studio is also a zero waste environment.  Everything is recycled, reused and repurposed.


Each design in the collection is hand shaped and finished.  They are like mini sculptures or masterpieces that you can wear.  The design pieces are molded with recycled fine silver clay.  All the designs are meticulously hand shaped and finished just for you.

What our customers have to say!

My Mountain Necklace was perfect, I am getting so many compliments when I wear it.  Thank you so much

Janice Scott , Victoria, BC

My new mussel shell earrings are so lovely, I am very happy and know I will be wearing them for years.

Michelle Dickson, Vancouver, BC

I purchased the Maple Seed Necklace as a gift for a good friend. It is beautiful and looks very well crafted. It was shipped quickly. I’m very pleased all around! I will shop here again.

Sarah Chong, Vancouver, BC