100% Cotton breathable cotton face mask. Hand sewn with care in our Vancouver studio in small batches. These are non medical masks. They help prevent the spread of germs by covering your nose and mouth preventing the spread of droplets.

Breathability: 100% Cotton is a natural, soft material which makes this mask highly breathable and comfortable to wear.

Nose Wire: No more foggy eyeglasses. All masks come with with a nose wire that comfortably wraps around your nose.  The nose wire is replaceable and removable for your comfort.

Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps allow for you to customize the mask to perfectly fit your face.  Our super soft elastic is also comfortable around your ear.

Long-Life: The mask can be re-used. The  high-quality material and workmanship make this mask durable. This saves you money, as you do not need to buy more masks.

Washable: The mask can be washed in a washing machine or dryer at any temperature. The masks come pre-shrunk, and will not shrink further.

Eco-Friendly: The masks are reusable. The masks have a long-life, reducing the use of disposable masks in landfills.